Monday, 11 April 2011

Is Your Gear Getting Soaked?

At the end of the day when your gloves are soaked, your jacket is leaking, and your boots feel like a swamp, PelicanShops advices you to re-waterproof your gear. This is the easier, cheaper, and more sustainable option, compared to buying new stuff It also helps to make your gear last longer.

The first step is to clean up your gear. Anything you have spilt will clog the pores of your gear’s fabric.. When a fabric’s pores are clogged, moisture cannot escape and you end up soaked in your own sweat. Wash your garments on a normal, cold-water cycle with a powder detergent.  You can also any of the many specialized cleaners that are out there.
Again there are plenty of options for product to use to waterproof your gear.  Just make sure you get all of what you are waterproofing covered.  Nothing is more annoying than a wet spot in an uncomfortable place.

After you’ve revitalized your old gear, let it drip dry or toss it in the dryer on a low setting (throw a tennis ball in with your down items to keep them lofty). If you’ve waxed your boots or gloves, make sure to buff out the excess wax and give the wax a day to set in.
If you need new gear or the stuff to waterproof your gear check out Pelican Shops!

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