Monday, 1 August 2011

4 Essentials to Up the Fun in Your Game Room

A recently converted basement or emptied bedroom provides ample space for new and exciting home projects. Why not turn that vacant space into your own personal relaxation station? If you’re looking to create a game room, then keep the following essentials in mind.
  • Ping Pong: A new ping-pong table is a great way to add intense, high-speed competition to your game room. When choosing a ping-pong table, remember that a full sized 25mm (1 inch) table provides a consistent, even bounce. For those new to the game, a 19mm (.75 inch) table offers a less expensive alternative. Also, look for nets with attachments that prevent the clamps from scratching the finish on the table.
  • Fun Furnishings: Paintings, neon signs, and posters help add a personal flair to your game room. Pub tables and chairs help add a sharp, old-fashioned look.  Bar stools also add to the affect and provide convenient seating for longer games.
  • Billiards Table: Remember that a quality pool table is likely worth the investment, as they last for many years. Look for tables that have a sheetrock slate beneath the felt surface. Cheaper tables use wood instead, but are prone to warping over time. Color options for felt can help you match the table to the rest of your décor. Note that some colors show unattractive chalk lines or become distracting.
  • Awesome Accessories: When it comes to creating an unforgettable game room, the details are very important.  Buy classy hardwood cue and pool ball holders to help complete the pool hall look and take your game room to the next level. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra cash on finely crafted ping pong paddles that match your table.
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